David Wolfe Live from Standing Rock

David Wolfe Live from Standing Rock

Check out this exclusive report on the Dakota pipeline with David Wolfe and discover:

  • The truth about the Dakota pipeline and why oil companies are devastated by their recent defeat.
  • Why oil pipelines pose a clear and present danger to the environment and the shocking statistics about oil leaks (that they don’t want you to know about).
  • David Wolfe’s latest research on the oil pipeline ‘players’ and the big banks behind this environmental catastrophe.

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  1. Strongheart

    David, please get to know Trump!! This is the door we’ve been looking for. Put some great solutions in his ear. You as an advisor could save the world. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Rachel Sun

    crazy right?! the first time so many tribes and allies beat (sort of) the big banks and oil companies… Because Stopping the KXL was done on less manpower and Winona Laduke and Honor the earth did it practically alone…

  3. Charmaine Millott

    Hi David,

    I have sent the story to my friends at the Epoch Times, which reports on stories that no other media does. It is a global newspaper that is in print and online. It started with reporting the persecution and organ harvesting of Falun Gong in China and it still reports on it because it has not stopped. In Canada, a pipeline decision was recently stopped, but we still have more to go and are working in a similar fashion as you guys in the U.S. I enjoyed meeting you in Victoria last summer!


    We have to Inform ourselves and Stop trusting only one source for Information. The Mainstream Media is not telling us the truth. It is Crazy that this is the first I have heard so much on this SUBJECT.

  5. Em Crone

    Thank you so much for this!! Thank you so much for talking about!! I had no idea how deep this issue was. You explain things very clearly & I just want to thank you for caring so much & for your activism!!! 🙂

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