In Which U.S. State Do People Live the Longest?




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  • Rae

    So is mana equivalent to ch’i, prana, etc.?
    What about Fukushima radiation? Will it be cancelled out when it reaches Kauai? Also, what about the general finding that people live longer in higher as opposed to lower altitudes? Does that apply to Florida? Lastly, don’t you have to be careful not to be bitten by all sorts of humongous centipedes, etc., in the tropics?

  • Carol Willis

    Awesome!!! This video is an initiation.

  • Steve

    I’d like to know David’s opinion on how Fukushima is affecting Hawaii. I know of many people who are avoiding stays in Hawaii and definitely avoiding the ocean there due to it’s radioactive waters and vulnerability to water and air currents from Japan. No doubt David is well aware of this. Are you concerned about this, or simply increasing your consumption of Chlorella? Would really appreciate your take on this, thanks.

  • Branislava Kokol

    i like to order some of your honey – is there also a place in germany with your products – With regards b.B. Kokol

  • Angel

    David, what do you recommend for lowering adrenaline?

  • Sky Kubby

    Great Video! With the largest core of magma anywhere in the world shooting up underneath the Big Island of Hawaii, the energy ripples out and can indeed be felt. Thanks for sharing the Mana!