High Altitude Immune Building

David Wolfe explains how to build a forcefield-like immune system while in high-altitude environments. 


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Transcription of High Altitude Immune Building with David Wolfe

If you really get this, not only is it going to prevent colds, coughs, flus, fevers, and all that stuff, but it’s going to actually give you a long-term benefit.

When Ron Teeguarden gets up here he’s going to talk to us about tonic herbalism, Taoist tonic herbalism. It’s the idea that instead of taking herbs when you’re sick – “Okay, I’m ill and now I need to take Echinacea, or oregano oil, or Andrographis, or whatever it is.”

Instead of that idea, you start taking the tonic herbs when you’re not sick, and then that starts to build up a momentum, or what we call a Treasure. There are really three Treasures. Some people say four, some people say five.

One of them is your lifespan, your primordial jing energy, your life force/core energy. Another one is you qi, which is the way you mobilize your energy day to day, moment to moment; the way your immune system mobilizes.

When you are hit by a bunch of stuff because you’re in an airplane, if you have really good qi you mobilize your immunological defense and you don’t even realize it consciously. Your body does it automatically.

Then there’s shen, which is your aura, your heart energy. Then if you put all that together, you might actually be able to build up your will, your ability to manifest.

There’s a relationship traditionally – 5,000 years old in Taoism – between your health and your ability to manifest things. They didn’t talk about that in The Secret. They left that part out.

The first step is really a core understanding, a very key idea. The earth itself is a repository and generator of negatively-charged electricity. Whenever you get on the earth – the reason we have these grounded pads up here (I should actually be barefoot) is because I can actually touch that when I’m barefoot and the earth’s electricity is buzzing along on these little pads right here.

You may not realize that, but if we brought a dog up here, a dog would know. A dog would actually lay on that preferentially, always, and cats too. So if you have these in your home, you’ll find that your dogs and cats will actually go and lay on them. They sense that the forcefield of the earth is present there, where it’s not on this carpet next to it. But right there, suddenly there’s something different about that.

It’s actually that the electricity of the earth is being pulled to this point right here. It’s being allowed to push out of the earth all the way to this point, because we have not blocked it with carpets. We have not blocked it with dry wood. We have not blocked it with layers and layers of building – you know, third, fifth, tenth floor. We have not blocked it with shoes. Often we are making ourselves susceptible, especially as we get into the winter months due to the shoe wearing.

This is the idea of the forcefield if you look here. Take a look at that image. This is Richard Feynman. He was one of the greatest physicists ever, and he was the first guy to really show this amazing idea. That if I’m up on the tenth floor – or let’s say in this building it goes up seven floors – and I’m ungrounded, there’s an electromagnetic/electrostatic pressure pushing down on me. The higher up I am, the greater that pressure/force is.

So if I’m insulated (ungrounded) and up high, I’m very susceptible to oxidation, that means aging. And I’m also very susceptible to immunological problems. I’ve noticed over the years that when people have a lot of immunological problems, like autoimmune problems, and I ask them where they live, they say, “On the 32nd floor in Toronto.”


But just like we said before, if you recall, with the problem is the solution always right there. Every plug has those three prongs, and that third prong, that bottom one, that’s the ground wire. That’s the ground’s energy. The ground’s electricity is being pulled all the way to the 32nd floor, or the 5th floor, or the 7th floor. So right there, you could actually pull it to a little grounding pad like this and be grounded up on the 5th floor, the 7th floor, the 32nd floor, wherever you are.

That makes all the difference, especially if you travel a lot. The big part about traveling isn’t jet lag, it’s being ungrounded. You’re up in the air, you’re totally fried, you come back down and you’re still not connected to the earth. You float around for several hours before you get to your friend’s house, hotel room, family member’s house. You get in there, and you’re still not grounded; you’re on carpets, you’re on dry wood. Eventually, the only time you actually get grounded is when you get in the shower. You get in the shower, and you’re suddenly electromagnetically grounded. Then, all of a sudden you find clarity, “Oh, okay. That’s what I’ve gotta do.”

What happens in the shower in the morning? Good ideas. If you’re grounded all the time, you’re connected to good ideas all the time. Try it out. Some of you are in the graphic arts field. You’re working on a computer all day long, and you’re getting fried. But when you’re grounded, all of a sudden you’re not. You have a forcefield. See how that forcefield is going around that dude right there?

The forcefield goes around, and it’s a push. The forcefield comes around you and it pushes the EMF off f you. When you’re saturated with that negatively-charged electricity, your immune system is a lot stronger. So you don’t break down from traveling.

The shoe. Grounded shoes, that’s a whole business. The shoe business…

I have a very good friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles. I originally met him in Montreal, and I used to stay at his house in Montreal when we did events there. He’s a wonderful guy. His wife got into the shoe business on the Internet about ten years ago, maybe 12 years ago. It blew up. He doesn’t have to work anymore. I mean, it just blew up.

Here’s a business for you – grounded shoewear. Because that’s coming. More and more people are realizing the truth. “I like my shoes, but I don’t like the fact that I’m separated from the earth’s EMF field.” That’s a whole industry waiting, and every shoe company is waiting for the other shoe company to do it. That’s where it’s at right now.

It’s just like that in natural foods. Everybody waits for someone to go first, and then they capitalize on their marketing.

Look at the airplane. That airplane is getting you up, way up off he earth’s EMF field, so you’re basically getting fried by radiation. Then, when you come back down, you’ve got to get grounded immediately to neutralize it.

There are a lot of things you can do, a lot of high antioxidants are really good for that high-altitude flying. I’m a real big fan of MegaHydrate® for high-altitude flying. I’m a real big fan of shilajit for high-altitude flying.

Think about shilajit, it squishes out of the Himalayas at 15,000 feet. There’s this ooze of this resin squishing out of the Himalayas at 15,000 feet that you can eat. That’s how the original Vedic yogis saw it. They saw these monkeys eating and thought, “They’re having the best day ever. We should eat that.”

That’s how it got into Vedic medicine. That would indicate that it’s a high-altitude adaptogen. It forms in the high EMF. The higher up you are, the less shielding you have. The more you’re at sea level, the more particles are between you and the sun. The higher up you are, the less particles are between you and the sun, so you get fried quicker.

Another one that’s like that, which goes right underneath the glacial sheet of the Himalayas – and this is a very important one for this particular conversation about immunity – is cordyceps mushrooms.

Have you ever seen this? Those tables, that’s the end of the glacial sheet in the Himalayas, and then there are 20 people going around like this… There’s the glacier right there, and the ground right here is soft and mushy and spongy. They’re looking for dried fungal-eaten caterpillars. That’s what cordyceps is. Right there. That’s kind of a trip, isn’t it?

Maca is also like that. Maca grows at 15,000 feet. It’s the highest-altitude crop in the world. So if you fly a lot, you want to start thinking about being up in the high altitudes all the time. What’s the right thing?

Snow lotus, cordyceps, maca, shilajit. That’s the stuff that’s up there that protects you.