Reboot Your Adrenals (with chinese herbal master Ron Teeguarden)

Reboot Your Adrenals (with chinese herbal master Ron Teeguarden)

Check out this exclusive Q and A interview with lecturer, author of the ‘The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs’, and featured speaker at the upcoming Longevity Now® Conference, Ron Teeguarden, and discover:

  • How the adrenals are your ‘stress buffer’ and the crucial role they play in responding to the stresses in your environment .
  • How to ‘reboot’ your adrenals and reclaim the energy source that is vital for health and longevity.
  • Key lifestyle practices that will nourish and strengthen your adrenals to maintain consistent energy levels and keep you going strong well into your 100’s!!
  • The secret tonic herbs that will bring your adrenals back to life and restore your core energy (jing) reserves.



The Longevity Now® Conference – April 2015

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  • Eric

    What happen to the rest of the Ron Teagarden interview?

    • Lucien Gauthier

      It is in Part 2

  • Ron Thank you for your interview.

  • Rigo

    So what are the secret tonic herbs that he did not mention on this interview ?

    • Lucien Gauthier

      They are in Part 2

  • Jean

    I have addison’s disease. .will the secret tonic herbs be able to bring my adrenals back?