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Rallis Olive Oil 375ml

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Rallis Olive Oil, 375 mL
Premium Ice-Pressed™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rallis Olive Oil begins with a premium, late olive harvest, handpicked from the Rallis estate in Southern Greece and Ice Pressed™ within 12 hours of harvest. The result - a near flawless acidity of 0.14%. The Rallis brothers have taken cold-pressed olive oil to a whole new level, ensuring that the olives are kept at zero degrees Celsius (20-30X colder than 'cold pressed') during the entire grinding and pressing process.

Most cold-pressed olive oils are not so closely regulated. At many points throughout the process, the temperatures can fluctuate between cool, cold, and maybe even lukewarm. The results are mixed, the quality is sometimes compromised, and nutrients are often lost.
Not so with Rallis Olive Oil. This 100% RAW, unadulterated, unfiltered olive oil is highly nutritive, super refreshing, and rich in enzymes. The healing and nutritive properties are maintained, at the peak of ripeness and freshness, from tree to bottle.
The artisan craft of olive oil has been handed down in the Rallis family from generation to generation for over a century. The Rallis family cultivates the land completely by hand, even as the farms around them rely on pesticides and chemicals to control Grubb and grasses to cut costs. The Rallis brothers believe that cultivating the olive trees and controlling grass and pests through mechanical, organic, non-chemical means maintains their connection to the ancient land and its people. Not only does it honor those who have gone before, but it leaves a sound legacy for those coming after them.
"We produce olive oil for our children to eat!" they declare. Their vision is to bring healing to the land and to the people who live on it. To attain their goal, they harvest the olives by hand using battery-powered harvesters. They use no chemical fertilizers, instead they rely on nature to recycle the water and replenish the soil with nutrients.
The health benefits associated with using RAW Ice-Pressed™ olive oil in concert with a healthy lifestyle are numerous. A number of well-documented studies on populations in Spain and other Mediterranean countries have demonstrated that populations from those regions, where fresh olive oil is a part of the daily diet, live longer and have lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.*
Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, oleocanthal, squalene, and lignans. Olive oil is known to promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It supports the heart, bones, and joints.* It also provides support to the immune system and promotes healthy weight loss.* 
The Rallis brothers cultivate the ancient Koroneiki variety of olives. The trees are ancient, gnarly, and temperamental, but their delicious fruit provides an organoleptic balanced taste with distinctively fruity and grassy notes with hints of wild herbs. The trees are grown in heavy aggregate loam that is largely untouched by machinery. The trees are grown far enough inland from the Mediterranean salt air and at optimal altitude (300 m above sea level) to produce the incomparable Koroneiki olives.
"When a food product is properly grown and produced; when all the appropriate, logical, organic and conscious steps have been taken; then, and only then, can the magic be felt when the product arrives halfway around the world and is opened and enjoyed. In that special moment, an extra bit of excitement is present, a twinkle spills out into the air, health-giving qualities become palpable and the essence and meaning of authenticity and purity are felt. Dr. Rallis' olive oil is such a food product. Dr. Rallis' olive oil is my favorite olive oil in the world."  - David Wolfe
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional Information

Features ~ Hand-picked in Southern Greece

~ Ancient Koroneiki olive trees sustainably cultivated

~ Ice-Pressedâ„¢ at 0 degrees Celcius

~ Nearly flawless acidity at 0.14%

~ 100% RAW, Unadulterated, Unfiltered Olive Oil

~ Highly nutritious and delicious

~ Rich in enzymes and antioxidants

~ Cultivated by hand with mechanical, battery-operated machinery

~ No chemical fertilizers or pesticides

~ Watered by nature's recycling system

~ Promotes longevity*

~ Supports heart, bones, and joints*

~ Promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol

~ Organoleptic balanced taste with fruity and grassy notes and hint of wild herbs

~ David Wolfe's favorite olive oil in the world

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Manufacturer Rallis Whole Foods


Ingredients: 100% Koroneiki olive oil
Polyphenol content: 303 gallic eq mg/kg


Container Size: 375 mL
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp
Suggested Use: Use raw on salads, in smoothies, in savory dishes, and even with chocolate. It is safe to cook with olive oil, as long as you do so on low heat levels, though some of the nutrients will be lost if heated over a certain temperature.
Storage Instructions: Olive oil is relatively stable and will remain fresh for up to 6 months if stored in a tightly sealed bottle in a cool, dry place. For a longer shelf life, keep in a cool dark place, unopened in its original container.
~ Organic ~ 100% RAW ~ Vegan ~ Non-GMO ~ Gluten-Free ~ Ice Pressed ~ Sustainably Cultivated ~


Rallis Olive oil. Yuuummmm Review by Spencer
Overall Rating
Love this olive oil. It Tastes like I'm eating Fresh olives. We all know what heat does to olive oil! This is the only "iced Pressed" that I have found. Love it!
(Posted on 10/12/14)


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