• Banish Cellulite
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Knockout Blemishes
  • Develop Lustrous Hair & Skin

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    Over 2 Hours of Life-changing Video

    David Wolfe shares his top beauty secrets gathered from years of traveling all around the world that are easy and affordable.

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    The Beauty Diet Downloadable Recipe Ebook featuring 6 Bonus Recipes. ($19.97 value)

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    Three Facial Masks Recipes: Video and Downloadable Ebook Transcription. ($19.97 value)

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Our skin, hair, and nails are a reflection of our health. If we eat less than the best ever – chemical-laden, processed foods filled with preservatives, rancid fats, and artificial sweeteners, then our skin will react accordingly and become dull, puffy, inflamed, and cause fine lines and wrinkles, aging us prematurely.

In my decades traveling around the world, I have learned centuries old beauty secrets from the great masters and they all hinge on one universal understanding – Optimal health IS beauty and therefore beauty is an inside job.

I have discovered that when you deliver superior nutrition to your body – your nails get stronger, your hair becomes shinier, your skin glows causing you to look and feel the best EVER!

Because I want everyone to discover for themselves how easy it is to achieve ageless beauty through making simple changes to your diet that WON’T break the bank but WILL have a big impact on your health and well-being, I have put together all my top beauty tips and created The Beauty Diet® – 2 HOURS of fun and inspiring videos in a NEW instantly downloadable digital format. (And, I’m going to throw in 4 FREE GIFTS!)

Discover how simple and easy it is to:


Lose Weight

  • Banish Belly Bloat
  • Control Your Cravings
  • Melt Away Fat
  • Firm your Jaw, Neck, and Throat
  • Eliminate Toxins and Accelerate Cleansing
  • Improve your Absorption of Beautifying Nutrients


  • Grow Strong, Shiny, Sleek and Healthy Hair
  • Enjoy Radiant and Youthful Skin
  • Reduce Puffiness, Dark Circles, and Undereye Swelling
  • Eat your way to a Wrinkle Free Face
  • Achieve Abundant Physical and Mental Energy


All without using harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients, and expensive beauty products that break the bank!

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    The Beauty Diet® Streaming Video
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    Over 2 hours of Cutting-Edge Video Content! Instantly Viewable!

    David shares his top beauty tips gathered from years of traveling all around the world and learning centuries old beauty secrets that are easy and affordable – enabling you to activate your potential to look and feel THE BEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER!

    Enjoy over 2 hours of fun and inspiring videos filled with cutting-edge information on how to achieve ageless beauty through superior nutrition by tapping into the majesty of the greatest beautifying foods on the planet!

    The Beauty Diet® Downloadable Transcription 

    ($19.97 Value)

    If you don’t have time to watch The Beauty Diet® right now, don’t worry! Download the transcription Ebook, put it in your bag, and read through a complete transcription of the videos anywhere, anytime. Also, keep a copy in your kitchen as a handy reference tool.

    The Beauty Diet® Downloadable Recipe Ebook Featuring 6 Bonus Recipes 

    ($19.97 Value)

    Includes all the recipes featured in The Beauty Diet® PLUS 6 BONUS RECIPES, not shown in the video series, created especially for you, by David Wolfe.

    Leave this Ebook in your kitchen, and be inspired daily to add these beautifying recipes into your daily regimen.

    3 Facial Masks Recipes
    Video & Downloadable Ebook Transcription 

    ($19.97 Value)

    This exclusive video and Ebook transcription feature David Wolfe’s favorite facial mask recipes. Watch as he teaches you how to create beautifying masks using food-based ingredients and how to apply them in your own kitchen.

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    Watch as David Wolfe creates “The Antioxidant Soup” Recipe from The Beauty Diet

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    “I believe the most powerful tools to achieve ageless beauty are found in the abundance of nature.

    You do not need face-lifts or fillers to turn back time – you can activate your ability to experience youth, radiance, and vitality by eating life-enhancing foods that turn back the clock and create the inner glow that is your birthright.

    The Beauty Diet® special offer reflects my passion for health and is based on the belief that beauty is achieved from the inside out. It is the culmination of all I have learned in my travels throughout the world, decades of study and dedicated research on what people eat that causes them to experience the best health EVER – reflected in their radiant skin and abundant vitality.”

    -Bestselling Author, David Wolfe

    The Beauty Diet Recipes Include:

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    The Beauty Diet® Recipes Ebook ($19.97 Value)

    The Beauty Diet® Transcription Ebook ($19.97 Value)

    3 Facial Masks Video and Transcription Ebook ($19.97 Value)

    $20 LongevityWarehouse.com Gift Certificate ($20.00 Value)

    Early bird special: $19.97
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    Full Retail Value: $119.89
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