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  1. Maca Powder, 22 lb BULK BAG

    Maca Powder, 22 lb BULK BAG

    Raw Maca Powder, 22 lb BULK BAG Learn More
  2. Maca Powder, 1 lb

    Maca Powder, 1 lb

    Out of stock

    Maca Powder is an excellent superfood choice for individuals living in cold climates, at high altitudes, and/or with extreme adventure lifestyles. Learn More
  3. Activated Superfood Popcorn, Cinnamon Twist, with Probiotics, 4 Ounce

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    Special Price $5.00

    This Cinnamon Twist superfood popcorn tastes like a delicious dessert with every bite packed with the superfood goodness of maca root, mesquite pod, cinnamon, and probiotics. Learn More
  4. Schisandra

    Goddess Pack 30 packets


    Goddess Pack not only enhances a female's physical beauty but also the beauty of the mind and spirit, radiating in the form of calm confidence and peaceful openness. Learn More
  5. Superfood Hot Cocoa, 12oz (340g)

    Superfood Hot Cocoa, 12oz (340g)

    Out of stock

    Not just another hot cocoa powder, this is an optimal wellness product made with wild organic jungle grown cacao hand-picked from heirloom trees in Ecuador. Learn More
  6. Food for the Immortals Organic Raw Green Coffee Beans, Fermented and Unroasted

    Raw Green Longevity Coffee Beans, Fermented and Unroasted, 12oz


    These organic, raw, green, unroasted and fermented beans make them the perfect choice for roasting at home. Learn More
  7. Raw Organic Jungle Grown Chocolate Brainstorm Bar, 2 oz

    Jungle Grown Chocolate Brainstorm Bar, 2 oz


    This rich, creamy jungle grown chocolate bar is infused with the Amazon Warrior Mushroom Blend and NINE tonic herbs. Learn More
  8. Jungle Grown Chocolate Longevity Bar with Almonds

    Jungle Grown Chocolate Bar with Almonds, 2 oz by Food for the Immortals


    This jungle grown chocolate bar is made using raw organic cacao from wild heirloom cacao trees in Ecuador, superherbs, and delicious almonds. Learn More
  9. weekend warriors

    Immortal Machine, 1 lb


    Immortal Machine is a high-octane protein and superfood fuel designed to build primal force, core energy, and increase endurance and recovery! Learn More