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  1. Spirulina Powder, 200g

    Spirulina Powder, 200g


    Spirulina contains an astonishing array of nutrients, including chlorophyll, protein, vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), polysaccharides, and a vast spectrum of antioxidants. Learn More
  2. Incan Spirulina Powder, 2.2 lb BULK BAG

    Incan Spirulina Powder, 2.2 lb BULK BAG

    Spirulina Powder, 2.2 lb BULK BAG Learn More
  3. Activated Superfood Popcorn, Salsa Verde, with Fermented Black Garlic, 4 Ounce

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    Every bite of Salsa Verde Popcorn is bursting with fresh ground spices, aromatic herbs, zesty chilies, and contains the superfood goodness of spirulina, chlorella, and kale. Learn More
  4. 9.5 oz (New & Improved Formula!)

    Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy, 9.5 oz (New & Improved Formula!)


    Based on ancient health cultivation principles from Asia, Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden has created a delicious super food blend that offers arguably the best and widest range of nutrition of any super food product in the world. Learn More
  5. Marine Phytoplankton, 100 g

    Marine Phytoplankton, 100 g


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    Marine phytoplankton contains more than 65 compounds that are perfect for our body to utilize at the cellular level, making it one of the most perfect foods we can consume. Learn More
  6. Raw Organic Jungle Grown Chocolate Brainstorm Bar, 2 oz

    Jungle Grown Chocolate Brainstorm Bar, 2 oz


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    This rich, creamy jungle grown chocolate bar is infused with the Amazon Warrior Mushroom Blend and NINE tonic herbs. Learn More