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Chocolate Shipping Policy

**Longevity Warehouse® recommends adding an ice pack for every TWO 4 oz bags of Chocolate Covered Products/Chocolate Chips/Paste/Butter, every THREE chocolate bars, and every TWO 1lb bags of Cacao Paste that you purchase. Please add 4 ice packs for each Cocouverture 1kg bar. Please add 6 ice packs for each 10lb bag of bulk Cacao Paste or Butter and each 6.6lb bag of Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Covered Products.**

Domestic Chocolate Deliveries 
We guarantee non-melted chocolate delivery within the 48 continental United States when the following two conditions are met. We cannot guarantee chocolate delivery outside of the 48 continental United States because of the extended transport times.
1.    Overnight delivery (Mandatory for Thursday and Friday orders) or 2-day delivery (Acceptable for Monday - Wednesday orders) is selected as a shipping method. 
2.    An ice pack is purchased and included with your order (cost: $1.25, sku: IcePack). Add ice packs to your order HERE.
~ If these conditions are met, and your chocolate arrives in a melted state, we will replace the chocolate free of charge one time or you may have a refund on the item. 
~ If the chocolate arrives to you a second time in a melted state, then a third attempt will not be made and an automatic refund will be issued. 
**Please note: If the above listed two conditions are not met, then we are not liable to replace the chocolate if it arrives in a melted state.** 
International Chocolate Deliveries 
We cannot guarantee chocolate delivery internationally because of the extended transport times and possible Customs delays. However, we highly recommend selecting the fastest possible delivery option, USPS Express International.
**Please note: We are not liable to replace chocolate if it arrives in a melted state on ANY international orders.** 
Q: Can I Eat Melted Or Bloomed Chocolate? 
A: Yes! Melted or bloomed chocolate is perfectly healthy and delicious to eat. Simply put your chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer to let it solidify, and then enjoy!