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Hairprint Technology

 A Scientific Breakthrough that HEALS your Hair


Grey HairHairprint® restores gray hair to its natural color. It is formulated specifically for brown and black hair. Blonde and red hair contains an additional pigment (pheomelanin) that we do not supply at this time, and so Hairprint® will not work on people with blonde hair or red hair. These formulas may be developed in the future.  

Hairprint® was invented by Dr. John Warner, lead scientist at the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Working with Dr. Laura Muollo over a period of four years, Dr. Warner perfected a completely safe, healing, and non-toxic process to do what hair follicles do: infuse hair with eumelanin, your hair’s natural pigment. Over the past two decades, some of the largest health and beauty companies in the world have tried to do this and were not successful. Dr. Warner’s patented process succeeded using eight food-grade ingredients. 

When Warner first began experimenting he was just trying to find a natural way to color hair. He worked with gray hair extensions and from the beginning his formula colored hair, but the final color was unpredictable. The tresses of gray hair took on different shades, from light brown to jet-black.

Unable to achieve a consistent result, he asked the supplier if the gray hair extensions he was purchasing were from a single donor. They were not. They were comprised of gray hair from many sources. That is when Warner realized that Hairprint® might be restoring hair to its innate color.

To test his theory, he applied it to his own hair. Warner’s hair had been completely gray since his student days at Princeton. In eighty minutes, a fifty-year-old man returned his hair to the same color he had in his 20’s. Hairprint® was born.

When you replenish the hair’s natural pigments, it reverses gray hair. What Dr. Warner did not expect was how Hairprint® transforms the health of the hair, making it stronger, giving it more body and luster. Rather than thinking of Hairprint® as a coloring agent, think of it as a Hair Healing System that just happens to reverse gray hair to its natural color. 


 Not a dye


How it Works

Hairprint® is comprised of eight food grade ingredients and can be applied by you at home, with the help of a friend, or by a stylist in a salon.

Hairprint® comes in a kit. You receive a hair cleanser, three-step restoring treatments, instructions, gloves, and a brush. For people with short to medium length hair, self-application is easy to do. For long and thick hair, you may want someone to help you or have it applied at a salon.

For most people, coverage occurs with one treatment. For those whose hair has been largely gray for many years, two initial treatments may be required. Hair that has been gray for a long time is more dry and therefore less able to absorb pigment the first time around. After an initial two treatments, one treatment will be sufficient going forward. Hairprint® will make hair a bit darker than your original color for a day or two but will lighten after washing to your natural hair color. 

Hairprint® is nourishing and gentle. We wish it only took 30 minutes to apply. It takes longer because the only way you can change the color of your hair quickly is by using harsh toxic chemicals. Hairprint® is guided by the body’s natural rhythms and needs. Those who have used it have discovered a way to restore the health of their hair and bring out the innate beauty. 

Dawn of History


How to Apply

Please Note: Hairprint® is formulated specifically for brown and black hair. Hairprint® will not work on people with blonde hair or red hair

Hairprint is a three-part process, with each step taking a little over 20 minutes. Steps #1 and #2 catalyze melanin inside your hair. Step #3 locks in the eumelanin so that it cannot leave the hair. The eumelanin molecule is large  and will stay in the hair for months at a time. This is much longer than chemical hair dyes because the hair dyes are small molecules. As such, they migrate out of the hair after two or three weeks and leave the hair a reddish hue.

important information  

Please Note: It is completely normal for your hair color to be much darker than your true hair color after applying Hairprint®. Rest assured, this will only last a few days while the product works with your hair to adjust to your exact natural color over the course of about a week. Please be aware that our perception of our hair color is generally different than our innate color. The hair we are accustomed to seeing in the mirror is continually exposed to chlorine, shampoo, sunlight, and the environment, so most often, our true hair color is darker than what we are used to seeing. 

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Safe and Toxic-Free

Permanent hair dyes were invented in 1907 and have barely changed since then. They were created at a time when there was less awareness of the harmful effects of the toxins, endocrine disruptors, coal tar dyes, carcinogens, and other chemicals that cause continual damage to the hair and scalp.

Hairprint® functions in a way that is the opposite of how hair dyes work. Rather than stripping hair of its color and inserting coal tar dyes, which all permanent hair-coloring products do, Dr. Warner’s process mimics how hair gets its true color in the first place. The color responsible for all brown and black hair is eumelanin, which is a variation of the melanin pigment that is responsible for the color of your skin and eyes. The reason Hairprint® looks so natural on your hair is because it is natural.




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Before and After

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To determine what color Hairprint® product is most ideally suited for your hair, please use the below color chart.  

Hairprint Color Chart June 28 2016
Please Note: Hairprint® is formulated specifically for brown and black hair. Hairprint® will not work on people with blonde hair or red hair.

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