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Hairprint Transition Tips

Transition Tips 


We do recommend the following process to make a gradual transition from using hair dye to using Hairprint®.

1. The day or night before applying Hairprint®, detoxify your hair (or roots only if you prefer) by washing with Hairprint® Chelating Shampoo. Do not condition your hair and do not use any other styling products on your hair until after completing the Hairprint® treatment the next day. 

2. On the day of the Hairprint® application, after washing with the Pretreatment, put a thick, heavy coating of raw solid form shea butter on the dyed, bleached or highlighted portions of the hair so that these parts of the hair do not get treated by Hairprint®.* Do not apply the shea butter to the new growth at the roots. It is important to have a heavy coating on the hair or the rinse water containing the Hairprint® will get into the dyed portions of the hair in between steps. 

*Do not use oils as they will rinse off in between steps and allow your chemically-treated hair to become darkened by the Hairprint®*

3. Apply the entire Hairprint® kit as instructed, but instead of placing Hairprint® onto all of your hair, you will apply Hairprint® ONLY to the roots and the new growth. 

4. After completing the Hairprint® treatment, shampoo and condition your hair with gentle non-detox hair care options such as the Marine BioActive shampoos and conditioners offered by Hairprint®. This will encourage a longer lasting result and new healthy growth. Avoid the chelating shampoo and exfoliating shampoo for 7 days after the Hairprint® treatment. 

5. Every month, continue to extend coverage to the new undamaged hair until you are treating all of your hair. Your new growth will be shinier, healthier, and feel very different from your dyed hair. There is no replacement for chemically-damaged hair except your own natural hair growth, and so this process will take some time...but it's worth it!


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Q: Can I use Hairprint® if I bleach my hair or highlight with bleach?

A: Yes, you can, but bleached hair soaks up Hairprint®.

If you originally had light or medium brown hair, the bleached hair will turn darker than your natural color. You may want to do a strand test first to see how the color will turn out on the bleached portions of the hair.

If you want to retain your highlights, you will need to clip, foil or apply shea butter to them to prevent coloration before you use Hairprint®.

If you want to highlight your hair after using Hairprint®, you can, but you will need to protect the highlights next time you use Hairprint® by clipping, foiling, or applying shea butter to them if you want them to stay highlighted. 




Q: Can I use Hairprint® if I put henna on my hair?

A: Yes. Hairprint® works well on hair treated with henna. Because henna can adhere strongly to the cuticle of the hair, if the hair has undergone long-term henna use, you may need two full treatments of Hairprint® to return your hair to its original color. 




Q: Can I use Hairprint® if I chemically relax or straighten my hair?

A: Yes, absolutely. What we see with our African American clients is how their straightened and relaxed hair gets stronger due to the restoration of eumelanin in the hair. Once inside the hair, the eumelanin protein links together and provides ‘muscle’ to the hair. It is the real deal and not some artificial chemical messing with the integrity of your hair. It will make your hair plumper, shinier, and stronger as your hair health is being restored.


hair gloss/glaze


Q: Can I use Hairprint® if I normally use a hair gloss or hair glaze?

A: Glosses and glazes. These terms are used interchangeably today. Depending on the ingredients, they can either go into the cuticle of the hair or adhere to the outside of the hair. Glazes can be tinted to add color. Many of these products are not so different than products used to make car seats and dashboards shiny; they contain the polysiloxane family of silicone products.

If your hair is glossed or glazed, it may prevent Hairprint® from working as they are not designed to be removed by a clarifying shampoo. Please discontinue use for several days before applying Hairprint®.