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  1. Reishi Cherry Cola, 50mL

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $24.95

    Disguised as cherry cola soda, reishi and turkey tail mushrooms team up to offer your body massive long-term health and longevity benefits Learn More
  2. Rhemannia-Chaga Root Beer, 1.7 fl oz

    Rehmannia-Chaga Root Beer, 1.7 fl oz


    Sugar-Free, Herbal-Infused Tincture that tastes JUST LIKE your favorite root beer! Add a squirt or more to bubbly water for a delicious, healthful drink everyone in your house will enjoy. Learn More
  3. Timeless Beauty 450 mg

    Timeless Beauty 450 mg


    Dong quai root, Longan fruit, Lycium fruit (Goji berries), and Peony root are featured in this formula for building, nourishing, and purifying blood to bring natural beauty and radiance to the skin, eyes, and spirit. Learn More
  4. Longevity Immunity Drops, 50mL

    Longevity Immunity Drops, 50mL


    Reishi and turkey tail mushrooms combine forces to offer you year-round immune system benefits Learn More
  5. Longevity Grounding Mat

    Longevity Grounding Mat


    The Longevity Grounding Mat gives you the ability to connect to the Earth anywhere in your house or office! Learn More