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Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

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Great product, pleasure taste Review by Trang
Overall Rating
This tea tase so good and also the best. I mix Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea with many other loose tea like chaga, Reishi, papaya leaf, energy tea (Organic Young Hyson tea, organic eleuthero root, organic schisandra berry, organic ginkgo leaf, organic gotu kola, organic licorice root and organic ginger root), relax tea (Organic peppermint, organic chamomile flower, organic licorice root and organic cinnamon), stay well tea (Organic echinacea purpurea herb, organic lemon balm, organic olive leaf, organic elder flower, organic lemon peel, organic elder berries, organic goldenseal herb and organic ginger root), and detox tea ( Organic burdock, organic dandelion root, organic peppermint, organic red clover, organic licorice, organic yellowdock and organic ginger) all to gether in the big jug drink for the whole week. It gives me a lot of energy that I never feel like before. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
Fantastic Review by Joseph
Overall Rating
I'm writing this as I drink a cup! I wish I had more to say but the wonderful review by Spencer says it all and more. (Posted on 2/4/2015)
Undoubtedly a staple for any fitness and/or health nuts Review by Spencer
Overall Rating
First of all, the product description and hundreds of 5 star reviews all over the web speak for itself. Do yourself a favour and skip the single box, buy a 6 pack

Thanks to a raw food diet the last 4 years I am very in tune with what makes my body feel good and what does not. I felt this teas effect immediately. A very soothing, calming vibe that definitely enhances mood. On the very first day I drank this tea, my sleep that night had been better than it had been for quite a few months. I was beginning to notice I would wake up tired, even when I had up to 10 hours sleep! This tea caused immediate remission. I get by on just 6 hours sleep now, wake up feeling fully recharged and fully awake. I wake up after 6 hours even on days where I don't have to get up at all, and Ive even easily stayed up for a whole 24 hours after only a 6 hour sleep from the effects of this tea. I would say a definite Jing restorative, very steadily increasing with every tea. It will also make you drowsy if you drink it at night before bed, yet making you feel great if you drink in the morning. Super cool effect in my opinion. The sound sleep it provides also implies better recovery from exercise which is one of the most important things you can do for your body to rebuild itself stronger.

You can also tell this tea is a very effective full body anti inflammatory. If you ever feel like eating unhealthy, Id say this tea should be drank before and after and/or even with. It completely eliminates that "puffy" look one adopts after eating processed foods etc. from being allergic (pizza does it to me, even with pecs they always end up looking 'puffier' after).

Also greatly improved digestion, I find it really helps me move foods my body cant typically fully digest on its own. More bowel movements also.

This tea has also been shown in rats that after 45 days of consumption, your muscle cells are less injured after physical exhaustion. Great endurance enhancing properties. I would assume that also translates to strength as well.

The last few days when Im hungry I find myself going to this tea instead of going to even a smoothie. Intuitively I just want this tea more and more, Ive been fasting hardcore lately without even meaning to and I feel great. I am naturally and easily going into a fasted state and removing accumulating toxins (ive added in iodine, crystal energy, megahydrate, and Rons shilajit to my daily routine though so I am essentially just speeding up the process with those). For me this is going to be a great addition to any cleanses I do if I am feeling intense cravings.

I listened to Truth Calkins on Lucien Gauthiers podcast about Thermogenic herbs, and he basically goes through an amazing program one can do and talks about how he consumes A LOT of this tea, like 5-10 bags a day. I am someone who goes through about a box in a week. However this tea works as advertised I personally can get up to 2L of a potent tea from just one bag. (My first box lasted me 20 days for example, one a day making one tea in the morning and using the same tea bag at night) so it is an amazing BEST ever price for such an outstanding product. This tea could be twice the price and I would gladly pay.

Hope this even inspires one person to buy this tea, you wont look back! It is also the most tasty, smooth tea I have had and I never liked any tea Ive tried before this. Cheers
(Posted on 1/17/2015)
Loving my Spring Dragon Tea!! Review by Lisa
Overall Rating
This tea is amazing. And it is true that the 2nd and a weak 3rd cup can still be made with one bag, although I drink it so copiously I breeze through a box in no time! I have forgotten all the benefits it confers on my health because the taste is so darn good. (Posted on 7/27/2014)
Best Tasting Tea Ever!!! Review by Green TeaTotale
Overall Rating
I was sent a free trial bag with a recent order. When I tasted the tea, I couldn't believe tea could taste this great. I ordered 3 boxes! Knowing what is in it makes me feel like I'm giving my body an extra benefit! I will share a bag with my friends. (Posted on 1/9/2014)
Best tea ever Review by Kendall
Overall Rating
We buy the bulk packs now. I first tried this tea at the Erewhon tonic bar while on vacation. Since coming home to Australia, we can't live without it. Everyone is surprised at how good it tastes. I've had different gynostemma tea before that was awful & bitter - well, not this one!It calms me, helps me think more clearly. Gives me energy in the morning when i need it most. Finding that it reall (Posted on 1/9/2014)
Amazing! Review by Angela
Overall Rating
This is delicious and powerful tea! I have had a stye in my eye and it has been very swollen and painful for days. I tried everything, clay packs, tea bags, etc... Nothing worked. I received my first box of tea and was excited to drink it. As I was sipping my tea, the swelling was reducing. When I was done, I put the tea bag on my eye. Within 20 minutes, all of the painful swelling had disappeare (Posted on 1/9/2014)

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