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Herb Bomb, 6.5 oz

Herb Bomb, 6.5 oz

Product Review (submitted on May 4, 2019):
Considering that I regularly consume over 15 nutritional powders, I am always excited when I find a new drink mix that pushes its way into my top 3 based on flavor, results, and cost. With HERB BOMB, Longevity Warehouse has done it with this addition to their Food For The Immortals lineup! It compliments, yet contrasts nicely in flavor with, their IMMORTAL MACHINE drink mix. And I actually like it better.

It is “satiny smooth” and not too sweet. The mushroom blend softly dominates the wholesome taste and probably provides the sense of well being that lasts for several hours after drinking a cup. I especially like that the powder blends well and tastes good in hot, warm, and cold water.

Great job, Longevity Warehouse.